Chaloner 1961 Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil

extra virgin olive oil

We have a new Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our range and we are honoured to share this remarkable oil with you

A fusion of TWO EXCEPTIONAL CULTIVARS – Delicata: an exquisite yet temperamental olive with a luxurious nose; fused with Barnea: a high maintenance Israeli variety with a sweet, nutty flavour. The fruits of this labour is a beautifully balanced, delicate oil. Holding the remarkable signature taste of Chaloner Estate grown, cold extracted, extra virgin olive oil.

FARM TO BOTTLE TO TABLE – Our Olives are grown in granite soils aided by biodynamic cultivation, cold-extracted within 24 hours of being handpicked; and bottled on the estate. 

INSPIRED –  by the birth year of our founder and his European sea fairing heritage, Chaloner 1961 is an unrivalled masterpiece. Limited bottling represents the elusive character of these olive varieties.

GIVE AS A GIFT – Liquid gold captured in elegant bottles. Labels gold embossed and stamped with the family crest.⁠ Placed in a box that epitomises understated style.⁠ A gift to feel luxurious – in the giving, and the receiving.

Olive oil butter

If you’ve tasted quality extra virgin olive oil, you know EVOO can range from buttery and mild to bold and grassy with a cough-inducing peppery finish.

Extra virgin olive oil is generally classified as one of the following styles: delicate, medium, or intense. There are a few factors that determine where an olive oil ends up on the style spectrum, and while weather and climate play a role, the varietal of olive is of primary importance.

Delicate Olive Oil

The oil will have a smooth and buttery taste, and a subtle sweetness. You’ll notice a fresh fruitiness in aroma.

Perfect for light, simple dishes. Sublime in desserts and baked delights.

Medium Olive Oil

This oil offers a fruity taste, a grassy scent, and a peppery or spicy finish.

Medium olive oils are fantastic on vegetables and in vinaigrettes, and make delicious bread dipping oils.

Intense Olive Oil

A robust olive oil that offers bold flavor, a balanced bitterness, and a very prominent peppery finish. You’ll also enjoy a fruity scent to the nose with this oil.

In general, robust olive oils are best used for bold flavors: grilled or roasted meats, tomato dishes, and as a finishing oil.

Try these recipes from our product developer, Keyoma, perfect for showcasing the delicate flavour and creamy texture of Chaloner 1961.


Chaloner 1961 Extra Virgin Olive Oil is part of our Olive Oil Tasting.

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