Marinade & Dip


Both this marinade and dip are incredibly versatile.

For instance, the marinade can be used as a stir-fry sauce or sticky roasted chicken wings.

And the dip is basically a sweet and spicy guacamole – so think tortilla chips or wraps or anything Mexican or requiring a dip.

The recipes are also quite flexible and should vary based on individual taste – some like a little more sweet, some a little more spicy, and some prefer a nice sour twang.

So it’s all about tasting and correcting as you go.

We simply love using both the marinade and dip for these incredibly moreish tempeh skewers with and irresistible umami flavour.

Marinade Ingredients

Chaloner Condimento Bianco

Chaloner Sweet Chilli Sauce

Chaloner Chilli-infused EVOO

Tamari sauce (or soy sauce)

Fish sauce (or more Tamari/soy)

Lime, freshly squeezed

Fresh Coriander, optional

Marinade Method

Start by adding 1 Tbsp. of each ingredient to a small bowl, and mix well.


Decide what it needs more of.

Then add more of that ingredient – 1 tsp. at a time, tasting as you go.

Just more sweet – add Condimento Bianco

Just more sour – add lime juice

More sweet & more spicy – add sweet chilli sauce

More salt – add Tamari

Using the marinade for the tempeh skewers

Skewer cubes of tempeh onto sosatie sticks.

Use a basting brush to baste the tempeh.

Cook over hot coals, turning to barbeque both sides.

Brush more marinade over before serving with your dip.


Dip Ingredients

Avocado – ripe and creamy flesh

Chaloner Sweet Chilli Sauce

Chaloner Condimento Bianco

Lime, freshly squeezed

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Fresh coriander, optional

Dip Method

Using a stick blender, blitz the avocado (use more depending on how many people you are serving – one avocado should make enough dip for two people)

Add 1 Tbsp. each sweet chilli sauce, Condimento Bianco and Lime juice.

Blitz again until smooth and creamy.

Taste, season to perfection, and blitz one more time.

Sprinkle over coriander leaves, and serve with your Chaloner Marinade – Tempeh Skewers.