Festive Gift Hampers

  • Classic

    This combination of goodies is classics and favourites.
    • Premium EVOO: Our signature cold-pressed olive oil is well-balanced and pleasing to all palates.
    • Peter Vlok Tapenade: This versatile condiment can also be used to fill homemade ravioli or rub over a leg of lamb before roasting.
    • Apricot Jam: Surely anyone who loves jam loves apricot jam. Ours is a high-fruit content preserve made with the sweetest apricots for a deliciously natural jam full of fruit flavour.
    • Kalamata Olives with Oreganum & Garlic: Perfect in Greek Salad, or simply served as an appetizer with a glass of wine.
    • Olive & Chilli Marmalade: One of our favourite preserves that is a wonderful addition to cheese and charcuterie boards.
  • For the adventurous foodies Chilli infused EVOO: Delicate extra virgin Olive Oil is used as a base that we infuse with a combination of chillies to provide a distinctive aroma with mild heat and incredible flavor.  Raspberry Vinegar: Experiment with this raspberry-infused wine vinegar by adding it to both desserts and savoury dishes. Chocolate Spread with Orange & Baobab: We use 70% dark chocolate, locally sourced oranges and baobab powder to produce this exquisite chocolate spread with an African twist. Smoked Garlic & Chilli Pickle: This preserve is specially made for all the garlic lovers and pairs superbly with braaied chicken. Kalamata Olives with Lavender & Garlic: The floral, subtly sweet lavender, along with herbaceous notes from the garlic complements the natural earthy flavour of our Kalamata olives.
  • African

    This is a box of African-inspired delights Premium EVOO: The olives for our signature EVOO are grown, hand-harvested, cold-pressed and bottled on the Chaloner Estate. A local, artisanal premium Olive Oil. Gin Jam with Gooseberry: Tart gooseberries are held in jewel-like suspension in a juniper berry & wild fynbos infused gin jam. Chocolate Spread with African Coffee: We use 70% dark chocolate, single-origin African coffee and locally sourced oranges to produce this exquisite chocolate spread with an African twist. Wild Blossom Honey: 100% South African non-irradiated raw honey. It doesn’t get sweeter than that. Plum & Onion Marmalade: We sourced locally grown Green Red Plums for their naturally high fruit-sugar content, and paired them with sweet onions and a touch of cinnamon to produce this high-fruit-content preserve.
  • Spoil someone with this extravagant box of delights The Peregrine EVOO: Our limited edition olive oil has a creamy, luxurious mouth-feel, and fresh well-balanced flavour that compliments any dish. Goccia Oro Balsamic Vinegar:  Imported IGP Balsamic Vinegar of Modena that has been aged in oak, chestnut and cherry barrels. A mature vinegar that is thick and intensely flavourful. Raspberry Preserve with a hint of Vanilla: We use plump, tart raspberries and luscious hand-harvested Madagascan vanilla to produce this luxurious high-fruit-content preserve. Chaloner Maple Syrup: 100% pure Canadian Maple Syrup – an essential for pancakes, crêpes and waffles. Whole Green Figs: Handmade and bottle preserved green figs in syrup – the perfect addition to cheese and charcuterie boards. Almond & Olive Tapenade:  A delectable spread made with green olives, toasted almonds, capers & our estate olive oil.
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