For the adventurous foodies

Chilli infused EVOO: Delicate extra virgin Olive Oil is used as a base that we infuse with a combination of chillies to provide a distinctive aroma with mild heat and incredible flavor. 

Raspberry Vinegar: Experiment with this raspberry-infused wine vinegar by adding it to both desserts and savoury dishes.

Chocolate Spread with Orange & Baobab: We use 70% dark chocolate, locally sourced oranges and baobab powder to produce this exquisite chocolate spread with an African twist.

Smoked Garlic & Chilli Pickle: This preserve is specially made for all the garlic lovers and pairs superbly with braaied chicken.

Kalamata Olives with Lavender & Garlic: The floral, subtly sweet lavender, along with herbaceous notes from the garlic complements the natural earthy flavour of our Kalamata olives.