This is a box of African-inspired delights

Premium EVOO: The olives for our signature EVOO are grown, hand-harvested, cold-pressed and bottled on the Chaloner Estate. A local, artisanal premium Olive Oil.

Gin Jam with Gooseberry: Tart gooseberries are held in jewel-like suspension in a juniper berry & wild fynbos infused gin jam.

Chocolate Spread with African Coffee: We use 70% dark chocolate, single-origin African coffee and locally sourced oranges to produce this exquisite chocolate spread with an African twist.

Wild Blossom Honey: 100% South African non-irradiated raw honey. It doesn’t get sweeter than that.

Plum & Onion Marmalade: We sourced locally grown Green Red Plums for their naturally high fruit-sugar content, and paired them with sweet onions and a touch of cinnamon to produce this high-fruit-content preserve.