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Welcome to Falcon’s Nest Farm, where discerning taste and quality are our top priorities. We believe that food should not only be delicious but also made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our commitment to providing classic and unique flavor profiles sets us apart from the rest.

The Chaloner-Gisborough Story

Our Commitment

Discerning: We emphasize unmatched quality and unique flavors, using only the finest ingredients and making products seasonally when feasible.

Authentic: We pride ourselves on our small-batch productions, devoid of additives or artificial preservatives, ensuring a 24-month shelf life.

Honourable: Every ingredient is traceable, echoing our sustainable purchasing values. We minimize waste, promote recycling, enhance energy efficiency, and uphold a staunch pollution prevention policy. 

The Origins of Chaloner

The rich tapestry of the Chaloner lineage has its beginnings in the heart of the United Kingdom. It was Richard Godolphin Walmesley Long who, upon inheriting the Gisborough Estate and the majestic Gisborough Hall from his uncle, Admiral Thomas Chaloner, assumed the title of the 1st Baron of Gisborough and embraced the Chaloner name. Thus began a proud lineage.

The Chaloner-Gisborough Story

The Chaloner Brand

Our narrative takes us to 1992, to a pristine expanse beneath the commanding Stellenbosch Mountains. To most, it was just land strewn with native flora and granite-rich soils. But for Perry and Karen, newlyweds at the time, it was a canvas of dreams.

Envisioning a unique farm, they embarked on a journey marked by trials, innovations, and risks. Their initial endeavors in cultivating fruit-bearing trees met financial challenges. But Perry, with his entrepreneurial spirit and love for gastronomy, saw potential in their harvest.

With a kitchen that constantly bustled with culinary experiments, Perry’s quest culminated in 1998 with the crafting of the acclaimed Chaloner Seville Orange Marmalade. Not one to settle, Perry’s subsequent ventures drew inspiration from French artisanal practices, leading to the invention of unparalleled flavour combinations and infused olive oils.

So, Perry slowly evolved from farmer, to jam maker to master olive oil blender – and with Karen’s passion and knowledge of whisky (Karen was previously Marketing Manager for both J&B and Johnnie Walker and co-owned the Whisky Live Festival) – this engaging couple delved into the art of extra virgin olive oil blending. Herein lies the real ethos and magic behind the Chaloner brand – the subtle art of blending. Just like a perfumer or whisky blender, the art of the Oil Master Blender in understanding the many different flavours in olive oil is like the work of a composer: not only do you need to completely understand the musical characteristics of every instrument, but you must also understand how to combine them to build an unforgettable, spellbinding symphony.

Reflecting the essence of their journey, a quote by the renowned entrepreneur, Jim Rohn, stands out – “If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” It beautifully encapsulates their dedication to creating unparalleled, high-quality products that become indispensable pantry treasures.

Gisborough Hall: The Ancestral Home

A historical gem, Gisborough Hall is where the Chaloner story began. Today, it stands as a four-star luxury country house hotel, seamlessly blending Victorian elegance with contemporary comforts.

Tucked away near the quaint market town of Guisborough and encircled by the serene landscapes of the North York Moors, the hall is a stone’s throw from the coastal towns of Whitby and Saltburn-by-the-sea.

Inside, you’ll find 71 luxurious rooms, the award-winning Chaloner’s restaurant that showcases local produce, and the relaxed De Brus Bar & Grill. Those seeking rejuvenation can find solace in The Revival Zone, where skilled therapists offer indulgent treatments.

Discover more about this historical haven and book your stay at Gisborough Hall.

Gisborough Hall

Clear conscience environmental policy

We operate a country-wide Environmental & Sustainability Policy so you can choose our products with a clear conscience. As part of our commitment, we operate sustainable purchasing arrangements with the suppliers of our food, consumables, equipment, energy and chemicals. We actively minimize waste through the recovery and recycling of material, energy-efficient measures, a comprehensive pollution prevention policy and responsible use of transport; and we consistently review our standards in alignment with the environmental guidelines. At Chaloner, we care for the environment.

No Corn Syrup

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No Added MSG

No Artificial Colours and Flavours