Dinner with Wine-Pairing

We welcome you to The Tasting Room at Chaloner

Today, as you sit in the Tasting Room, amidst breathtaking views of the mountains and olive orchards, remember: You’re not just in a room; you’re enveloped in a story – one of perseverance, passion, and unparalleled flavour.

Opening the doors of The Tasting Room was not just about showcasing products. Every beam, every brick, and every bottle in this room echoes Perry and Karen’s dedication. Guests don’t just taste olive oil; they embark on a sensory exploration, diving deep into the subtle nuances of flavours, understanding the meticulous blending, and appreciating the art and science behind every drop of liquid gold.

Amidst the Stellenbosch Mountains on the Falcon’s Nest Farm lies our Tasting Room, a hidden gem at Chaloner. This oasis promises a blend of exquisite tastings, artisanal products, and unparalleled ambiance.

We have the following options available – please book as space is limited.
Light Meals

Dinner with Wine-Pairing

3-Course Dinner, each dish accentuated with CHALONER’s premium artisanal creations.

Paired impeccably with boutique estate wines, telling the story of our wine region.

Experience Dinner with Wine-Pairing

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