Kalamata Olives, 5kg Tub


Kalamata Olives, 5kg Tub


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Our Traditional Kalamata Olives in a bigger (can't get any better) size. These Kalamata Olives are infused with the aromatic essence of rosemary, creating a delightful blend of Mediterranean flavours that will transport your taste buds to sun-soaked landscapes.

Cultivated without pesticides and hand-harvested at peak ripeness. We only pick our firmest, juiciest olives to undergo a 12-month fermentation in brine. We add wine vinegar and rosemary before bottling to enhance their natural earthy flavours.

No additives, colours, or artificial preservatives.

kalamata olives, brine [water, salt, red wine vinegar], Origanum, garlic.

Contains pips.

Made in a factory that uses tree nuts and fish.


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