Organic Maple Syrup, 4L


Organic Maple Syrup, 4L


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The real deal - Chaloner's Organic Maple Syrup - straight from Canada, bigger quantity same quality. Everyone knows the classic pairing of pancakes (or waffles) and maple syrup – and it’s a classic for a reason! But maple syrup is also delicious drizzled over porridge, French toast, and even bacon. Bigger quantity same quality.

Quality & Flavour                                                                                                                                                                                     Made with 100% pure organic maple syrup, our maple sugar retains all the health benefits through careful dehydration.

Health Properties
It takes 40 litres of maple sap, rich in minerals and organic acids, to make one litre of syrup.

Canada’s producers sustainably collect sap, ensuring long-term tree health by limiting sap extraction.


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